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Click here to download the latest IDS software release.

See the Internet Explorer Settings for steps required before installing IDS.

The IDS software now requires a software license for each Personal Computer (PC) using the IDS software:
To obtain an IDS Software License, go to IDS Software Licensing

For assistance purchasing an IDS Software License in the USA and Canada, contact the Ford Software Renewal Helpline at (866) 583-8047. For countries outside of the USA or Canada, follow the steps outlined on the IDS Software “Activate a License” screen.

Click here to download the VCM I Wireless Wizard 11.6.0.

IDS Software Planned Release Schedule
Release Timing
R98.01 11/11/2015
R98.02 11/24/2015
R98.03 12/09/2015
R98.04 1/06/2016
R98.05 1/20/2016
R99.01 2/03/2016